Thursday, November 17, 2011

Checking Inbox

I have come to deeply detest the fine people that email ads, daily deals, etc.  Not that they've actually done anything wrong.  I did tell them that I wanted to know more about their various services (although Linkedin is wearing out its welcome, fast).  It's not them, it's me.  I have my gmail up all day, and every time I glance at it and see "Inbox (1)" my heart skips a beat.  Of course I'm hoping that it's Ms. Amazing Agent, writing to tell me that if she doesn't represent me then she's out of the business forever.  It's usually from J. Crew.

I finished the first draft of the first chapter revision/overhaul.  It was surprising how much of the original I was able to salvage (and gratifying, I had a lot of babies I didn't want to kill).  It goes to the critique group tomorrow, and to say that I'm nervous is an understatement.  As long as they don't tell me that it made their eyes bleed, or made them wish they were illiterate, I'll be happy.

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